Sokoni Indian, British, African, Asian Food Store Eastern Europe

SOKONI your one stop for all Indian Food and British food and drinks with a store in Europe. We are Importers, Exporters and Distributors of all kind of Indian Food, British  Food, Chinese Food, Mexican Food, Japanese Food, South African Food, West African Food, spices, beverages,  and all the ingredients or products of the above nations or countries.
Specialist in food and Beverages:- Spices, ready to eat meals, canned meat, fish and vegetables, cereals, flour, sauces, all kinds of Herbal and beauty products. We also import none food items 'on special clients orders. All products can be delivered to any part of Europe. Please contact us for more information on
Thank you for your time shopping with Sokoni Indian Food Store Europe. The only Indian Supermarket serving not only Indian Food and Drinks but also British, other Asian and West African or Caribbean Food in Bulgaria while serving its neighbouring countries such as but not limited too Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Greece, Macedonia, Ukraine and Turkey.
All orders delivered and payment can be made on delivery (Bulgaria and Romania only  and additional costs will apply for courier to handle such transactions).
1) 50.00 BGN (Bulgaria speedy office only)
2) 75.00BGN to any address in Bulgaria
3) 50Euros Romania any address.
4) 50 Euros Greece Mainland only
5) for other countries please write to find out our next delivery date.TERMS AND CONDITION APPLY.
For latest Indian product and prices always visit 
Индийски магазин за подправки в България. Безплатна доставка в цяла България. Condimente indian magazin din România. Livrare gratuită în toată România